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Teacher Landing Page

Name: Ms.. Skirpan
Grade Level: K, 2, 3, 4, 5
Course Taught: ELA Learning Support
Phone Number: 724-850-2508
Room number: 14
9:05-9:55 ELA Intervention-Grade 3
9:45-11:55 ELA Grade 2
10-11:00 ELA Grade K
11:20-11:55 ELA Intervention Grade 4 
12-12:40 ELA Grade 5
12:40-1:10 Lunch
1:15-1:30 Collaboration Time
1:30-2:15 ELA Grade 5
2:15-3:40 ELA Grade 3 and Grade 4
Education: BS from North Carolina State University; Masters from California University of Pennsylvania
My first teaching assignment after finishing my Masters at Cal U was teaching an emotional support class at Yough School District through the Intermediate Unit #7 for half a day in the mornings.  I would sub in the afternoons at various schools. Today, it is my twentieth year teaching in the Hempfield Area School District. I have been working as a learning support teacher for all these years, and I love teaching. I taught at the high school for one year, Bovard Elementary for thirteen years, West Hempfield Elementary for two years, and this is my fourth year teaching at Fort Allen Elementary School. I have two grown children, both working in careers they love.  My daughter has a Degree in Drama  and a minor in English from the University of Toronto in Canada and works for Scientific America in New York City.  My son has a Doctorate from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Computer Science and is the CEO of a non-profit foundation.