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Fort Allen utilizes the Core Essential Program from Chick-fil-A to teach positive character traits. Our theme is K.I.D.S. R.O.C.K. It is the basis for our school rules. Each month the bulletin board in the main hallway displays the trait of the month. Teachers conduct class meetings and discuss the trait in conjunction with the Olweus Bully Prevention Program. Daily announcements are made to help the students gain an understanding of how that trait can be helpful to them or has been to others throughout history.
The meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and those Mondays are called M&M days (Monthly Meeting days). Students wear their Fort Allen shirts and teachers and staff wear their Fort Allen shirts in recognition of the day. Once the trait is discussed, students are encouraged to demonstrate the trait. If any of the staff observe the student exhibiting the positive trait, they are rewarded with a card. The student puts their names on the card and it is displayed in the cafeteria beside their teacher's name/class.
At the end of the month, a drawing is held and a student is chosen from each of the classrooms. The winners get to have a special lunch with the guidance counselor along with receiving a cookie and a free child's meal from a local restaurant.  In addition, certain months are designated as Chick-fil-A months, and during those months anyone who has earned a card received a Chick-fil-A free kids' meal.